The Third Letter from John


 1:1 ¶ FROM the Officer of the Church, | TO his dear friend Gaius, with his true love.


 1:2 ¶ Dear friend, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may have good health—it is already so with your soul.

 3 I was indeed delighted when some Brothers came and testified to your fidelity to the Truth—that your own life is guided by the Truth.

 4 Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to hear from time to time that the lives of my Children are guided by the Truth.


 1:5 ¶ Dear friend, whatever you do for our Brothers is done in a Christian spirit—even when they are strangers to you.

 6 They themselves have testified before the Church to your love; and you will do right to help them on their way in a manner worthy of God’s service.

 7 For it was on behalf of the Cause that they left their homes, and they refused to take anything from their heathen converts.

 8 We, therefore, ought to give such people a cordial welcome, and so take our share in their work for the Truth.


 1:9 ¶ I wrote a few lines to the Church; but Diotrephes, who wants to be first among them, declines to recognize us.

 10 And so, if I come, I shall not forget his behaviour in ridiculing us with his wicked tongue. Not content with words, he declines to recognize our Brothers himself, and actually prevents those who are wishing to do so, and expels them from the Church.


 1:11 ¶ Dear friend, take what is good for your example, not what is bad. Those who do what is good belong to God; those who do what is bad have never seen God.

 12 Every one has always had a good word for Demetrius, and the Truth itself speaks for him. Yes, and we also add our good word, and you know that what we say about him is true.


 1:13 ¶ I have a great deal to say to you, but I do not care to trust it to pen and ink in a letter.

 14 I hope, however, it will not be long before I see you, and then we will talk over matters together. God bless you. Our friends here send you their good wishes. Give my good wishes to every one of our friends.